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Collaboration and Cross-Pollination

The Honey Bee Health Coalition has been hard at work through the first two months of 2017. From a strong showing at the North American Beekeeping Conference in Galveston, Texas, to the upcoming National Pheasant Fest & Quail Classic Pollinator Symposium in Minneapolis and Commodity Classic in San Antonio, the Coalition has been connecting with… Read more »

Leading the Discussion on Honey Bee Health

The Honey Bee Health Coalition is made up of more than 40 organizations, businesses, and nonprofits and includes many leading experts on pollinator health issues. That’s why it is no surprise that Coalition members will be delivering key presentations throughout the 2017 North American Beekeeping Conference in Galveston, Texas. In addition to these speaking roles… Read more »

Coalition Empowering Growers and Beekeepers to Support Honey Bee Health

With the fall harvest nearly at an end, it’s a fitting time to consider the essential role honey bees play in our food production. From pumpkins to honey and almonds to apples, honey bees make one in three bites of our food possible. The Honey Bee Health Coalition is making important progress supporting honey bee… Read more »

Coalition Supports Honey Bee Health During Pollinator Week

Pollinator Week 2016 offers the Honey Bee Health Coalition an opportunity to look back on two years of outstanding work to support healthy bees, healthy people, and a healthy planet. Two years out from the Coalition’s founding, its work and mission are as relevant as they were at its first meeting. The Coalition has grown… Read more »

Coalition Continues to Build Momentum

Fresh off its one-year anniversary, the Honey Bee Health Coalition continues to make important progress toward fulfilling its core mission of collaboratively implementing solutions to achieve a healthy population of honey bees while also supporting healthy populations of native and managed pollinators in the context of productive agricultural systems and thriving ecosystems. The Coalition, comprised… Read more »