The Bee Understanding Project:

We asked beekeepers, growers, entomologists, and crop advisors to swap jobs and look for ways they could work better together. Their experience was captured on film, so you can watch and see what they’re doing differently.

Federal and State Contacts and Resources

The Honey Bee Health Coalition has pulled together a directory for beekeepers and others to access federal and state agencies, non-profits and programs. Please use your own judgment and seek multiple sources of information prior to decision making. In addition to the Federal and State resources linked below, please also seek out local resources, bee clubs and associations.

CAST paper:

HBHC submitted a proposal to the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST) encouraging CAST to produce a paper summarizing the latest science related to declines in bee health. The paper, released in June 2017, discusses methods used to document colony losses, recommendations for research, and suggestions for all stakeholders to engage in helping to restore healthy populations of honey bees and other pollinators.