Beekeepers and Bee Health Stakeholders

shutterstock_137833949-1024x683Operating along the front lines of honey bee health, beekeepers and other bee health stakeholders can arm themselves with knowledge and tools to better protect their hives. Engaging these stakeholders is critically important to spreading best management practices and ultimately improving honey bee health.

What exactly can beekeepers and bee health stakeholders do to help?

Protect pollinator health in and around production agriculture.

Learn about Beekeeper and Grower roles in mitigating risk of pesticide exposure to pollinators.

Download the “Tools for Varroa Guide”.

The Varroa Management Guide explains practical, effective methods that beekeepers can use to measure Varroa mite infestations in their hives and select appropriate control methods. Click here to learn about Varroa mite treatment.

Promote and improve incident reporting.

Learn more about incident reporting and download the Incident Reporting Quick Guide

Learn and share information about bee health:

Watch and share The Bee Understanding Project ‘job swap’ video
Watch and share the Coalition’s video