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Learn About Soybean Best Management Practices

The Coalition has collaboratively developed best management practices to help protect honey bees and other pollinators in and around soybean fields.

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See How We Are Fostering Collaboration

The Bee Integrated Demonstration Project brings together beekeepers and producers to show how a suite of best practices in agricultural landscapes support honey bee health.

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View Our Free Guide for Varroa Management

Practical, effective methods that beekeepers can use to measure Varroa mite infestations in their hives and select appropriate control methods.

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The Situation

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How You Can Help

Everyone has a role in protecting bee health - whether you are a beekeeper, farmer, pesticide applicator, home gardener, or someone just looking to learn more about bees. You can plant bee forage, follow pollinator-friendly pest management practices, control varroa mites in your hives, and spread the word about bee health.

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How We Help Bees

Forage and Nutrition

We are looking at ways to improve honey bee nutrition to provide diversity in honey bee forage.

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Hive Management

We are making investments to understand and suppress varroa mite and virus susceptibility and developing best management practices (BMPs) for beekeepers.

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Crop Pest Management

We are developing crop- and product-specific best management practices and messaging.

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Outreach, Education and Communication

We are working across the public and private sector to coordinate on solutions that work.

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Coalition Updates

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Honey Bee Health Coalition Urges Utilizing Best Practices, Collaboration, and Integrated Pest Management Strategies Following Release of Bee Informed Partnership’s 2019 National Survey of Colony Losses

The Honey Bee Health Coalition, a diverse group of over 50 organizations