Every honey bee colony in the United States and Canada either has Varroa mites today or will have them within several months. The Coalition has developed a variety of resources for beekeepers to utilize as they combat this deadly pest.

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Free Varroa Resources


Varroa Management Guide

The Guide explains practical, effective methods to manage Varroa mites within your hives.

Varroa Management Decision Tool

This tool will walk you through the decisions you need to make to determine how best to manage varroa mites

Host an Evening Varroa Bee Club Program

The Honey Bee Health Coalition has developed an informative evening program for your bee club or association. You can either use the prepared presentation or play the recording to your club.

Tools for Varroa Management


01. Integrated pest management spreadsheet

Use this spreadsheet to track integrated pest management (IPM) activities for control of Varroa mites