Bianca’s Educator Corner

Welcome to Bianca’s Educator Corner! A place for teachers to find curriculum for their students of every age and grade level. Below please find a link to documents that contain curricula and activities for you to use in the classroom. This online resource repository is linked to a physical location where you can take students on a field trip if you are in the vicinity of Cockeysville, Maryland. Bianca’s Pollinator Pathway is located at the Center for Maryland Agriculture and Farm Park. This 100-acre park includes an educational walking tour that brings students through pollinator gardens, row crops, vegetable gardens, orchards and pasture lands filed with clover. There are twenty hives on site that can be viewed at a distance or close up using our provided adult and children’s bee suits. The tour includes information and activities telling the story of how wild bees and honey bees support our environment and our food supply. If you would like to visit Bianca’s Pollinator Pathway for a field trip with your students, reach out to Matt Mulica ( to discuss the Honey Bee Health Coalition sponsoring the admission fee for you and your students.