Supply Chain Sustainability

Helping supply chains improve bee health by working with their growers

The Honey Bee Health Coalition works to collaboratively implement solutions to problems facing honey bee colonies, including lack of forage, pesticide exposure, and mite/virus prevalence. Engaging with the supply chain – the processes, people, and organizations that connect producers and raw materials to end-use consumers – is an impactful way to address these problems.

Many on-farm sustainability projects already exist as part of grower and supply chain partner efforts. The Coalition seeks to connect pollinator health into these broader sustainability initiatives (i.e., water and soil health work) so supply chain partners and growers see the benefits of pollinators – and actions to support them – in the context of their own sustainability goals.

Resources include:

  • A presentation directed at supply chain partners on the plight and importance of pollinators, what they can do to help and the co-benefits of implementing practices that benefit the land the bees. This presentation will describe how projects that focus on pollinators are connected to other sustainability metrics and how they can help achieve other environmental and productive agriculture goals related to water quality, soil health, carbon sequestration, and wildlife habitat.
  • This fact sheet that provides a high-level summary of the co-benefits of pollinator work, targeted at both farmers and supply chain partners.